5 New Ways To Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday In 2019

Exciting Ideas for a Sensational Children’s Party

It’s reported that in the UK the average children’s party costs three hundred and twenty pounds, and two thirds of British parents throw their children a party every year. It’s clear they’re not going out of fashion. Yet it can be a struggle to choose how to entertain them when they’re too old for pass the parcel and jelly and ice cream, but too young to celebrate without adults. There are many unique and memorable ways to celebrate and options to host at home and make your own party food to keep the costs down too.

Not for the faint hearted
The Great Big Tree Climbing Company offers recreational tree climbing parties in Oxfordshire and surrounding areas. You can either book on a preselected date or if you have a tree of your own, the party can come to your tree. In Windsor, you can book a group in for an escape room session. This is a unique experience with different room options. Depending on the age of the children, it’s likely an adult will need to be in the group too, but it’s something exciting as rooms will offer puzzles and clues.

Slime all the way
Sublime Science is a unique way to entertain children at a party, and even the Dragons from the Den invested. They will visit most areas in the country and will bring you an unforgettable experience packed with slime making, bubbles, sweet making and magic tricks. Their aim is to end boring birthday parties and they even include free thank you notes.

Sleepovers with a difference

If your child is dinosaur mad and aged between seven and eleven, he or she can stay overnight at the National History Museum for a Dino Snores event. Booking is essential and is already booked until April 2019, but if your child has some best friends they wish to take this could prove the most spectacular party ever. Alternatively, for a smaller group, you can stay overnight in a number of zoos including London, Whipsnade or Bristol Zoo, or at Paradise Wildlife Park. Prices and experiences vary, but it’s a sensational way to take some friends for a wild night out without the need to provide food or party bags.

Entertaining at home

You don’t have to incur the cost of hiring a hall or eating out for a party, you can bring the party to your home. This is especially useful for summer parties, but others will be suitable all year round. Gamewagon is an experience for boys and girls where the game wagon will come to your house. It can take up to fifteen children and can park on your drive so you don’t have to go far. Inside the house, party food can be prepared. Hot dogs are easy to cook on the gas hob or bake some pizzas and sausage rolls in the oven. Add some healthier options such as homemade potato wedges and fruit kebabs. For a budget option, buy some cardboard lunchboxes and fill each one with sandwiches, fruit and snacks so that each child has their own ready-made lunch.

Whether you hold your child’s part at home or out, there’s many options to ensure it’s not boring. If you’re heading out to a more expensive option, then keep costs down by keeping numbers low and excluding party bags. At home, there are many choices for entertainment and food to suit your numbers and budget. Make it a party to remember by picking something unusual.


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