Beat the Heat – Top Ideas for Kids When it’s Hot, Hot, Hot

We’re all used to a wet British summer, but every so often we get a heatwave.  There is lots of advice around on how to keep babies and kids cool in the hot weather so we thought we would share our ideas  on where to go if you want to get out and about and some fun suggestions for home when the temperatures soar.

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Places To Go When It’s Hot, Hot, Hot

Don’t forget your suncream, hats and sunglasses when you head out in the summer and try and avoid the middle of the day if you can when the sun is at it’s hottest.  Here are a few places you can go to cool off.

Outdoor Pools – there’s nothing like a dip in an outdoor pool to cool you down and make you feel like you’re on holiday.

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Hinksey Outdoor Pool

Splash Parks – if you’ve got a group of kids or little ones who can’t swim then a splash park can be lots of fun.

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The Leys, Witney

Head inside to cool off

You could also enjoy one of the many amazing flavours of ice cream at the Milk Shed (Weston On The Green).

Activities at home for when it’s hot, hot, hot

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Dinosaur Ice Excavation – you’ll need to make this in advance but it’s a great game for little ones and perfect to take outside.

Water Play – get the paddling pool out and pop it in a shady part of your garden or how about a selection of different bowls, Tupperware and wooden spoons.  Fill them up with water and cool down.

Water Sponge Bombs – cheap to make and so much fun!

Ice Painting – a seriously ‘cool’ art activity.

Recipes to help your kids cool off

This quickest and easiest recipe is just to freeze some squash or fruit juice in lolly moulds but we’ve got a few more ideas your kids will love.

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