Dunham Massey Sunflower Field Walk

Just a short walk from Dunham Massey National Trust is one of the largest sunflower fields in the area.   Covering 4.5 acres, it’s a stunning sight.  Local Mum Jo visited with her son today and we absolutely love the sunflower photos she took.

The huge Cheshire sunflower field is situated close to Little Heath Farm Shop.  The Sunflowers are a wonderful sight, but above all the field is providing the perfect habitat for an abundance of insects, pollinators and other species.

By planting the Sunflowers, the farm have created a habitat like no other! The unsung heroes of Farming – bees, butterflies, insects and other pollinators – have made themselves at home on this nectar rich field. If you’re quiet, you may be able to hear the buzzing of busy bees.

sunflower field Cheshire, Dunham Massey sunflower

Don’t forget…this is still an agricultural crop that will be harvested in the coming months.  Please be mindful and keep to the footpath.

sunflower field Cheshire, Dunham Massey sunflower

There are a number of routes to approach the sunflower field (number 6 in the map above) or click here to view on the Little Heath Farm Shop website.

There’s no parking at the sunflower fields so if you’re driving you’ll need to park at Dunham Massey National Trust.


Address: parking at Dunham Massey National Trust, Altrincham, Greater Manchester, WA14 4SJ

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