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The Education Hotel  provides a bespoke tutoring service to children of all ages and nationalities.   Friendly and experienced tutors offer weekly face to face and online tuition to complement school or home education.

  • SATs
  • GCSE
  • A Level
  • Common Entrance
  • Secondary School Application Support
  • University Guidance

At The Education Hotel they believe that the purpose of education, is to unlock a child’s potential… not limit it. Students at The Education Hotel don’t just learn the skills to pass exams, but also develop a love of learning.  One-to-one learning allows tutors to make the work ‘come to life’.

oxford tutor, maths tutor, GCSE tutor, school application


“Our tutor is priceless!” 

 “Can you please thank our tutor for all that they have done. They really became part of the family over summer”

“We were very impressed with the tutor’s CV, friendliness and impact on F’s motivation” 


The relationship between tutor and family sits at the core of their tuition programmes. They ensure that your chosen tutor will not only have a great rapport with your child, but also understand the needs of the whole family.

At The Education Hotel, their exemplary private tutors come from the highest academic backgrounds, specialising in a full array of subjects at all levels. Prospective tutors are carefully screened, DBS checked and interviewed by the director before becoming a tutor.

The Education Hotel offers outstanding support to students sitting Common entrance exams, (I)GCSEs, IB, Pre-U and A-Level examinations. Each tutor focusses on a specialist subject, ensuring that they have in-depth knowledge of exam board curricula and targeted content, exam technique and time management. Having a tutor’s help can ensure that your child feels confident and prepared by the time that they sit their exams.


Jemma Zoe Smith graduated from Oriel College at Oxford University in 2013, having studied her BSc and Master’s degree in Biochemistry. She returned to Oxford University in 2017 to gain her teaching qualification.

With extensive knowledge of the education sector, Jemma has tutored families in Dubai, San Francisco, Turkey, Czech Republic, Hawaii and Kenya. Last year she supported students who were accepted into the top U.K. schools and universities. These included: Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Imperial College, Eton, Harrow, Winchester, Wycombe Abbey and Cheltenham Ladies College.

Face to Face Tuition Services

In-person tuition allows a tutor and student to work together: building confidence, tailoring support and offering new ways to study.  Face to face tutors engage students with science experiments, board games and physical activity. They can present knowledge in a different way than in the classroom.

Online Tuition Services

Utilising Skype, Zoom, WeChat or Facetime, online tuition has the advantage of one-to-one tuition from the comfort of home.  Removing the need to travel allows for greater flexibility and convenience while at the same time connecting with an expert tutor.  Creative methods of learning include online whiteboards, videos and games.  You can even record the lessons and save for later revision.

Many students use online tuition as a way to supplement school teaching.  This could be where students are abroad and looking to enter UK schools in a few years time or additional support is required outside of the school environment for students with SEN needs.

online tutor, maths tutor, GCSE tutor, school application

Additional Support

The Education Hotel also supports families in their applications to UK schools and universities. The Education Hotel can guide a family from school or university selection, to acceptance and beyond. They have successes in many top schools and UK universities including; Harrow, Eton, St Edwards, Headington, Downe House, Imperial College London, UCL, Durham Cambridge and of course, Oxford.

Tutors cover 7/8+, the Common Pre-Tests, 11+, Common Entrance (13+), 16+, UCAT, BMAT and MAT. The Education Hotel also offer Scholarship and interview preparation.


oxford tutor, maths tutor, GCSE tutor, school application


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