Effective Home Remedies For Spider Veins

spider vein remedies, what are spider veins, getting rid of spider veins

Do you have visible vein nets on your legs? If yes, those are called spider veins. The name comes from its spider net-like appearance. Though spider veins don’t cause any serious health issues, they can ruin your appearance. Sometimes, we get spider veins on our faces as well. This causes serious discomfort, and people usually get it removed for cosmetic purposes.

Why do we get spider veins?

spider vein remedies, what are spider veins, getting rid of spider veins

When the small valves in our veins become weak, we get spider veins. Because of these damaged valves, blood does not flow backward through our veins. Consequently, blood pools in these veins, making them appear swollen and twisted. Thus, they become visible. Usually, spider veins appear on our legs and feet. When the condition becomes more critical, we begin to see spider veins on our faces.

Thankfully, with easy care and treatments, we can get rid of spider veins. But before discussing further, you need to know some details about this disease.

How do spider veins look?

spider vein remedies, what are spider veins, getting rid of spider veins

When blood pools in our veins, they look dark red and purple. Though you can hardly feel spider veins on your skin, you can definitely see the thin red and blue lines on the skin. This is how you can make out spider veins.

Do we feel any discomfort because of spider veins?

Spider veins do not cause any disturbance in our daily life. People tend to get rid of them for a flawless appearance. Though, you can feel some symptoms like;

  • Your legs may feel throbbing or burning
  • You may feel weakness in your legs
  • Your legs may feel heavier than usual
  • You may feel uncomfortable
  • You may get muscle cramps, mainly during the night
  • Your ankles may swell
  • Your skin may get dry
  • You may feel itchiness
  • Your skin may look thinner

What are the home remedies to treat spider veins?

You can treat spider veins with some home remedies. You need to follow the guidelines suggested by your doctor for effective results. If you need any medical help, consider Spider vein treatment by NJ’s best Vein doctor. They have the world’s finest health professionals that offer good service at value for money pricing. To gather more details about the home remedies, keep on reading.

A few most useful home remedies to treat spider veins are;

1.    Exercise

Regular exercise is beneficial to get rid of spider veins. The main cause triggering spider veins is improper blood circulation. When you start exercising regularly, the blood stuck in your veins gets a push, and the blood starts circulating evenly in your body.

Exercise also helps to maintain stable blood pressure. Moreover, light exercises will reduce your muscle stiffness and pain. So, you should exercise regularly but make sure that you are not overdoing it. Some of the most helpful exercises are walking, yoga, cycling, and swimming.

2.    Compression stockings

You can find different compression stockings for spider veins. Each stocking applies a different amount of pressure on your legs. This pushes the blood forward and promotes smooth blood circulation.

Only your doctor can tell you which stocking will be perfect for you. People who have used compression stockings have felt less pain and discomfort due to spider veins. After a few months of usage, the veins will also disappear as your veins get healed.

3.    Extracts from plants

Plant and essential oils can be used to reduce spider veins. They are usually diluted with carrier oils before usage. Horse chestnut oil can be used to heal the pain and itchiness due to spider veins.

Other than that, one can also use sea pine extract and Butcher’s broom extract to reduce the swelling. You can get these plant extracts from online and offline health stores. You can use them either topically or in aromatherapy.

4.    Diet

Foods that contain sodium retain our body water. So, when you cut down such food, you reduce water retention. Also, food with potassium will minimize water retention in our bodies. Moreover, fiber-rich food keeps our bowel movement healthy and prevents constipation. You should also add foods that have flavonoids. It shrinks our spider veins and improves our blood circulation. Thus, blood will not pool in your veins and cause any damage.

Flavonoids keep our blood vessels relaxed and maintain blood pressure. So eat as many vegetables and fruits as you can. Nuts, seeds, oats, salmon, tuna, and whole-grain foods are also helpful.


These are a few home remedies that can help you get rid of spider veins. These veins are not harmful. So, most of us do not bother with any treatment. But, if they are creating problems in your daily life, you should opt for a treatment. All these home remedies are equally effective. If you do not see any effective results, then you must visit a doctor. Sometimes, medical treatments are required to remove these veins. So, consult with your doctor and get rid of spider veins permanently.

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