First For Safety, Family Emergency First Aid Course

Love them, Protect them, Know How to Save Them

First for Safety is run by the very friendly Drew Kamphuis.  She’s a proud Mummy of two little ones and a qualified First Aid Instructor with over 20 years, on going experience in the Emergency Services.

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Who’s the Course For?

First for Safety specialises in a 2 hour ‘Family Emergency First Aid’ course available across Oxfordshire.  It’s designed specifically to arm parents & grandparents with essential, life saving paediatric emergency first aid skills needed to give a casualty the best chance of survival, prior to the professionals arriving and taking over.

Where and When

As a parent you might struggle to find time during a busy day to go to standard daytime classes and this is where the First for Safety course is a little different.  To keep costs down for everyone, Drew normally runs courses for parents in the comfort of their home between 19:30 and 21:30 (flexible) when the little ones are tucked up in bed.


The total cost is £20 per person for a two hour session.   This price includes a FREE refresher for all when ever they feel ready.

Course Content

The presentation is run through the TV and Drew brings baby/child and adult manikins for CPR practice.  The two hour Family Emergency first Aid course includes:

  • CPR – Infant/Child/Adult

·       Choking – Infant/Child/Adult

·       The Recovery Position

·       Serious Bleeds

·       Burns & Scalds

·       Anaphylaxis

·       Head Injuries

·       Febrile Convulsions

  • Meningitis

Class Sizes

The minimum amount of people required for a booking  in Oxfordshire is 6 learners.  Courses up to 24 learners can be booked for larger venues (with a second qualified instructor in attendance)   In the home setting, space is rarely a problem.  Drew is used to it being a bit cosy and  always reminds parents that serious emergencies can occur in the smallest of spaces.  Most of the parents she teaches, get their friends, grandparents, aunts/uncles and even au pair etc along.  The session is very informative but relaxed.  Hosts normally like to encourage their friends to bring nibbles and have a glass of wine etc. It’s almost like a little house gathering but with Paediatric Emergency First Aid as the focus.

Some of  clients choose to have less learners present on a course and pay a little more per person.


Drew’s course continues to receive fantastic feedback which can be viewed on her facebook page.   The page is full of Paed First Aid info and the latest child safety advice.   For info on Drew’s extensive qualifications and experience please click on ‘About’ at the top of the facebook page.

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Business Name: First For Safety

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Courses run in the comfort of parent's home on evenings


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