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Jackie Meek is a qualified Life Coach based in Bicester, with a passion for coaching Mums.  She set up Future Path Life Coaching in 2016.  While most of the articles on our website are focused on events and places to go with your kids, it’s important to take some time to focus on you.

As a mum we often put ourselves last – what about treating yourself to some time to think about YOU?

Jackie can help you to feel calmer and in control, bring clarity around what really matters to you and create valuable thinking time for you to focus on your life.  She will help you to have a clear vision and to set an inspiring goal for your life, helping you to get from where you are now to where you want to be, breaking it down into manageable steps.  You will feel energised, empowered and motivated to bring about the changes you desire.

Being a Mum can be isolating.  You may have several friends who you can talk to and share with, but when did you last stop and think clearly about your life?  When did you last have someone to help to unpack your thoughts and gain a new perspective without making judgement about what you are saying?  Conversations with friends can be great.  You swap similar stories and if you’re in a fix they’ll give you some tips and suggestions about what to do.  A conversation with a coach is different as your coach will not give ideas or advice but, through asking powerful questions, will help to unlock what is already inside you. You are the best expert on your life.

What’s involved? 

Jackie offers a series of 6 Life Coaching sessions at intervals of 3-6 weeks.  Each session is around 75 minutes and can be conducted face to face or via telephone / Skype.   A series of 6 sessions costs £372 (£62 per session).

Sounds good, but you’re not sure about committing to 6 sessions?  Consider taking advantage of her group coaching offer.  Jackie facilitates Bicester Bird Table, a personal development group for mums.  A series of 3 x 2 hour sessions costs £99 (Early Bird Discount price).

Jackie can be contacted via her Facebook page  just mention Red Kite Days when you get in touch.

What do Jackie’s clients think?  Here are some comments from Mums.

Daniella, London

My experience being coached by Jackie has been on of deep learning. I have been able to move forward in several areas of my life with Jackie’s support. She is so calm, listens to everything I say and she has enabled me to find my own solutions. I highly recommend Jackie as a coach to anyone who needs to make a change in their lives!

Sally Ann, Bicester

Jackie has taken me from floating around wondering where I’m going, to taking actions that have led to an exciting decision and purpose that feels absolutely right.  Through taking actions that I chose, I’ve found direction, motivation and vision.  We’ve focused on my career, but the process has helped me identify my life priorities.  Jackie’s warm and calming nature made me feel very relaxed and able to focus.

Patti, Oxford

During my 6 sessions I learnt to treat myself as I would treat my friend. I gained confidence to start to like and appreciate myself which led me into becoming a much happier person.  I realised that focusing on future plans and setting clear actions is the right way to keep the track of my life expectations.  I know I don’t have to achieve it all, as long as I am happy with the process and end result.

Lyanne, Bicester

I am part of Bicester Bird Table.  I leave every session feeling like I have been fed, mentally nourished and I can run with that.  You have no ties to the other muns initially and you can take that blank canvas and decide how you’re going to form relationships to benefit everyone, using the foundation of privacy, respect, support and listening.



jackie meek, personal coach, bicester, oxfordshire, future life path




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