Kirtlington Quarry

Once a busy quarry, Kirtlington Quarry is now a nature reserve.  It’s not specifically set up with any kids activities but I think this is it’s great appeal as kids imaginations can run wild and they make up their own games.  It’s also free.

kirtlington quarry, kirtlington, kids, free

Parking is towards the end of Mill Lane in Kirtlington.  Sat Nav didn’t quite get me there just on the postcode from the council website.  I ended up outside the Kirtlington Golf Club but needed to drive on into Kirtlington and then down Mill Street.)   Enter through a gateway and follow the path down.  You’ll know you’re in the right place as there is a sign post at the entrance.

There are pathways through the wooded quarry area and plenty of shade on a hot sunny day.  You can keep the walk gentle but I wouldn’t recommend this as a buggy walk.

kirtlington quarry, kirtlington, kids, free

kirtlington quarry, kirtlington, kids, free

My kids loved running up and down the steep slopes, looking for bugs under rocks and swinging off an old rope swing we found.

Kirtlington quarry

The old quarry area also has an open flat area that would be a good spot for a picnic.

I’ve heard Jane’s Enchanted Tea Garden on the canalside is good but we ran out of time so I’ll check it out next time and report back!

If you also choose to travel with your kids to Kirtlington and want to spend the night in the area, you could rent a lodge through the platform . You’ll have the entire accommodation facility for yourselves to spend some quality family time.


Address: Park on Mill Lane, Kirtlington

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