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Do you run a class for kids in Oxfordshire, Berkshire or surrounding areas?  Whether it’s sports, music, cookery or drama, you can list the classes for FREE on Red Kite Days.  We’ve got lots of classes already on the website so it’s worth taking a look first to see if you’re already listed.

Our readers usually search for classes in their area so please complete a separate entry for each venue you run your classes at and don’t forget to include the venue postcode.  The space for venue location should include the address and postcode and not a website link or Facebook link so that your class can be added to a map.

Don’t forget to click the category you want your class to be grouped in (you can click more than one) and the day(s) of the week it runs.

Big file size images make pages slow to load and puts off visitors.  Please keep your image loaded as a jpg image with a maximum of 200kb file size and a max of width and height at 820px.  Here’s a handy website that helps with optimising images.  Of course, if you need any support, just let us know.

Your contact name and e-mail address at the bottom of the submission form will not be included on your class listing, it’s just so we can contact you with any questions or updates.  If you don’t wish to include your contact details, please just insert x for your name and for your e-mail address.

Once you click submit, the listing will come through to Red Kite Days for publishing.  Submissions are usually live on the website within 48 hours.

Of course, if you have any questions, you can contact us directly at

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