Mini Professionals Dance Academy Childrens Gymnastic Classes | Kidlington

Mini Professionals Dance Academy offer a wide range of classes for all ages including gymnastics.

Tinies Gymnastic Class (ages 4-7 years)

THURSDAY 4.30-5.15pm & FRIDAY 4.15-5pm 

MPDA Tinies Gymnastics class is a fantastic way to help your little one to gain strength, flexibility and coordination. Children will learn new skills including leaps, spins, tumbles and rolls as well as work on balance.

The atmosphere is friendly and supportive and will allow your child to gain both skill and confidence. Our expert teacher will ensure your child is safe at all times, while helping them to achieve skills that they never thought were possible!  

Mids (ages 8-11 years)

THURSDAY 5.15-6.15pm & FRIDAY 5.15-6.15pm 

The Mids Gymnastics classes provides students with a strong base and well-rounded skill set. The class will help to improve students’ strength, stamina, flexibility and coordination as well as teach them new tricks, tumbles and rolls.

This class is a great supplement to a weekly dance class and great for those who want to take their training further. 

Teens Gymnastic Class

THURSDAY 6.15-7.15pm & FRIDAY 7.15-8.15pm 

MPDA Teens Gymnastics classes develop students’ skills and knowledge allowing them to learn more advanced tricks. The class aids in developing a strong sense of balance as well as improve stamina, coordination, strength and flexibility.

Designed for all abilities, our expert teacher will be able to adjust work to suit your child’s individual needs allowing them to learn skills they never thought possible. 


Business Name: Mini Professionals Dance Academy

Address: 12 Banbury Road, Kidlington, OX5 2BT

Opening Times:

Tinies (4-7 years)
THURSDAY 4.30-5.15pm
FRIDAY 4.15-5pm 

Mids (8-11 years)
THURSDAY 5.15-6.15pm & FRIDAY 5.15-6.15pm 

THURSDAY 6.15-7.15pm & FRIDAY 7.15-8.15pm 


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