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Mini Professionals Dance Academy offer a wide range of classes from dance to gymnastics as well as parent & baby fitness. Experienced teachers are encouraging, enthusiastic and experienced, allowing creativity to overflow and self-confidence to amplify. Just one weekly dance class at MPDA will boost a child’s confidence, coordination, balance, and fitness, which they can carry into every aspect of their life.

Dance Classes for ages 8 to 11 years


TUESDAY to SATURDAY  (we are bound to have a class that suits you!) 

Our Mids class takes students’ learning further and develops on skills learnt in the Tinies class while also maintaining the same fun and encouraging environment. Students will learn a range of Modern dance skills and gain a more fully rounded knowledge base to work with. The class is also suitable for beginners with no experience as our teachers are able to adjust work accordingly without singling out any students, allowing them to grow in confidence and skill.  


MONDAY 5-6pm 

Our Mids Ballet class provides children with a more well-rounded understanding of the fundamentals of Ballet technique. The class starts with a Ballet barre before moving into the centre to work on basic centre practice, port de bras and allegro. The class solidifies students’ technique giving them the skills and understanding to be able to take their learning further. The class does not follow a set syllabus but instead allows students to learn at their own pace and explore the classical dance form through carefully thought-out exercises. 

**We also offer RAD Ballet from pre-primary through to the senior grades every Sunday! Contact the office for further details** 



Our Mids Hip-Hop class allows children to take their training in the discipline further, learning more complex skills and providing them with a strong base to build from. Students will learn more complex moves and experience a range of styles in the routine section. The atmosphere is welcoming and supportive and the class is suitable for those with more experience and well as total beginners. 


MONDAY 5.45-6.45pm 

Our Mids Tap class will allow your child to expand their skills and learn more complex steps. They will learn about musical phrasing and rhythm in more details and gain skills needed to take their tap training further. The class will consist of a warm up as well as technical exercises, improvisation tasks and fun routines to their favourite songs. 

BOYS ONLY (Ages 7-11): 

SATURDAY 12.30-1.30pm 

Our unique Boys Only dance class provides boys with a safe and supportive environment to explore the world of dance. The class covers Modern and Ballet technique as well as elements of Hip-Hop. This type of combined class allows the boys to explore the many avenues of dance and decide which discipline (or disciplines) they prefer. They are able to explore a variety of styles of music, work on improvisation and choreography tasks as well as learn about famous male dancers and dance artists in a hope that they will be inspired to pursue dance into their later years. The main focus is building confidence and encouraging male participation in dance by providing boys with a group of like-minded and supportive peers to work with. For more information on our Boys Only classes and how to get involved then please contact the office today. 


Business Name: Mini Professionals Dance Academy

Address: 12 Banbury Road, Kidlington, OX5 2BT

Opening Times:

TAP:  MONDAY 5.45-6.45pm 
BOYS ONLY (Ages 7-11): SATURDAY 12.30-1.30pm 


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