Oxford Swimming Academy, Standlake

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Oxford Swimming Academy are dedicated to excellent tuition, great customer service and fun, enjoyable classes.  With over 12 years swim teaching experience, they are passionate about teaching and encouraging everyone to love the water! Oxford Swimming Academy teach classes right from the first splashes with your new baby, to private lessons, group classes, adult lessons, and dedicated time with individuals with learning and physical disabilities. They work with flexibilty and determination to use their experience to achieve positive outcomes. 

Baby Swimming Classes (0-18 months)

Oxford Swimming Academy run their classes with a maximum of 7 in a class to ensure your instructor has time to give feedback and help where needed, but there are still enough members of the class to meet new friends and enjoy the class atmosphere!

PreSchool Swimming Classes (18months – 3 years)

Oxford Swimming Academy provides classes for all abilities, from those who are completely new to lessons, to those who are confident in the water. Children will learn basic swimming skills, alongside water safety, and water confidence. When they are ready, from about age 3, they will progress on to one of the Transitional Mainstream Courses, or make the leap to independent Mainstream lessons!

Mainstream Swimming Lessons (3 – 11 years)

Mainstream classes develop children’s aquatic skills, teaches them further water safety and distance swimming ability. They usually begin around age 3, with the instructor in the water until they are competent and ready to be independent, usually around Stage 3. Classes are still just as fun, with games and skills designed to ensure children keep enjoying swimming whilst learning! These classes do not require any parent or carer in the water.



Business Name: Oxford Swimming Academy

Address: Lincoln Farm Park Pool, High St, Standlake, OX29 7RH

Opening Times:

ages 3 months upwards. Classes run Monday and Tuesday mornings for Baby and PreSchool levels, and Wednesday evenings for after school lessons.

Website: https://www.oxfordswimmingacademy.co.uk/

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