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Find ideas for rainy day activities at home with kids. Try out yummy family recipe ideas and find inspiration for craft projects with kids.

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make your own marble run, cardboard tube marble run

Cardboard Tube Marble Run

Get your engineering skills going by making a marble run from cardboard tubes. After a great fun activity using cardboard tubes to roll ...

outdoor painting ideas for kids

Balloon Splat Painting

My son gets really excited when we try new painting techniques. We had a random unused balloon kicking around and that was the ...

make invisible ink, spy games for kids

Secret Agent Invisible Ink

Make your own invisible ink and watch your invisible creation re-appear again when heated, as if by magic. Be a secret agent for the ...

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Mars Bar Crispy Cakes

Mars Bar crispy cakes are fun to make and great to bring along to a school bake sale. Ingredients 5-6 cups of Rice krispies 200g bag of ...

rustic winter broth, rustic winter soup

Papa John’s Rustic Winter Broth

There’s nothing better than a hearty bowl of soup for lunch. This rustic farmer’s broth is perfect for a winter’s day ...

chocolate bar race cars, teddy bear cars, car themed birthday party food, 4th birthday party food, 3rd birthday party food

Mars Bar Race Cars Party Food

Having a car themed birthday party and looking for car party food ideas?  These little chocolate Mars Bar race cars are a perfect treat ...

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