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veggie burger, make beetroot burger, yondu

Beet the Clock with a Quick Veggie Burger

A vegetable burger that doesn’t require prep time. Plant-based seasoning brand, Yondu, has designed a supreme vegetable burger to fit ...

DIY gyoza, easy gyoza receipe, chinese new year dumplings, authentic gyoza recipe

Make Your Own Gyoza

Hi, my name is Dawn! I was born and raised in Hong Kong and moved to the UK when I was 16. With my parents being thousands of miles ...

easy chinese new year receipes, chinese food for kids to try, sweet and sour chicken

Sweet & Sour Chicken

Forget expensive takeaways and make your own Sweet & Sour Chicken.  Thank you to Dawn who’s shared this great sweet and sour ...

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microwave smores mug cake, marshmallow mug cake

Chocolate S’Mores Microwave Mug Cake

My son made a chocolate s’mores microwave mug cake last night on a cubs zoom meeting.  All the cubs gave it a big thumbs up so I ...

easy microwave mug cake, make a cake in a microwave, chocolate microwave mug cake recipe

Chocolate Microwave Mug Cake

If you have kids who like instant results when cooking then a simple microwave mug cake is the ideal solution. This cake bakes in just ...

tortilla wrap pizza, easy kids meals, meals kids can make

Easy Tortilla Pizza

These easy flour tortilla (wrap) pizzas are super quick and easy.  Kids can enjoy decorating them with their favourite toppings and ...

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Mars Bar Crispy Cakes

Mars Bar crispy cakes are fun to make and great to bring along to a school bake sale. Ingredients 5-6 cups of Rice krispies 200g bag of ...

chocolate bar race cars, teddy bear cars, car themed birthday party food, 4th birthday party food, 3rd birthday party food

Mars Bar Race Cars Party Food

Having a car themed birthday party and looking for car party food ideas?  These little chocolate Mars Bar race cars are a perfect treat ...

shortbread recipe, how to make shortbread, shortbread stars, shortbread biscuits, shortberead cookies, shortbread stars, shortbread kids recipe

Shortbread Stars Recipe

I always thought shortbread would be really hard to make – but this recipe is quick and easy and the shortbread biscuits were ...

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