ArtWorks Holiday Classes

ArtWorks holiday classes run throughout the Summer, Easter and all Half Terms (apart from Christmas holidays).  Held in a huge, bright and spacious room at St Marys and St Johns Primary School, in a huge big room, aspiring artists will really enjoy.  My son loved printmaking.

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Days can be booked individually so you don’t have to book for a whole week.  Holiday classes run from 10am-3pm

Within the class the students will be able to explore a variety of media, backed by inspiring starting points and ideas. The ethos of the classes is to encourage confidence and individuality as well as lots of new skills and plenty of fun. The core of the classes is drawing and painting, with skills developed in looking.

Materials include

Painting and drawing (water colour, gouache, oils, inks, brusho, graphite, charcoal and numerous other choices),

Printmaking, we have an etching/relief printing press, so lots of possibilities! We also offer lino, screen printing, mono printing, and collagraphs

Textiles Batik, felt making, silk painting, screen printing on fabric (we have canvas bags or bring along a tea shirt from home and

3d Wire, modroc, breezeblock, papier mache, wax, balsa, scaled model making, plaster and numerous found materials). Plus, all sorts of other materials too many to list.

The group sizes are generally small rising to 18 at very maximum per class working with Jo Acty and Helen Edwards. With the larger classes (from 12 students – 18) there is an additional one or even two extra tutors.

As far as possible the classes are grouped in similar ages however sometimes students come with siblings, so it is difficult to guarantee, but as the tuition is individual, this doesn’t affect the quality of the teaching. (7-9yrs, 10-12yrs, 13yrs-17yrs).


Business Name: ArtWorks

Address: St Mary and St John Primary School, Meadow Lane, off Iffley road, Oxford, OX4 1TJ


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