Brilli-ANT Exhibition at The Story Museum

The Story Museum is a totally unique experience and unlike any concept of a museum that you might have.  They have an amazing creativity that runs throughout all their exhibitions and the brand new Brilli-ANT exhibition is no exception.

Running until Spring 2024, like all the other galleries at The Story Museum, it’s an immersive experience that is totally designed to appeal to children.  They take on a serious topic of climate change but make it accessible and actionable.

Before walking into the Brilli-ANT exhibition, children (and adults too if you like, I couldn’t resist) can don an ant headband.  You’ll soon notice that one of the antennae is curved over and this is the one that has a special activator in the end to interact with each of the displays.  The wonderfully colourful displays each have a little flower where you tap the antennae and that starts any videos or activity.

Sculptor, Lottie Smith, has created the most amazing displays, on a scale that makes you feel you’ve shrunk and entered the world of insects.  As you travel around, you can search out clues, listen to stories and get creative making a butterfly.  The recycled cardboard sculptures range from a dung beetles to grasshopper and if you look closely you’ll spot a tiny ant too.

Weaving stories and music, the idea of the exhibition is to give children a practical way to tackle climate change in an engaging way without the overwhelm of climate anxiety.

The Story Museum have worked closely with entomologists and climate experts  to ensure the exhibition empowers children to connect with the earth and understand the impact on different species.

Entry to the Brilli-ANT exhibition is included with an admission ticket to any of the The Story Museum galleries so I’d highly recommend popping in to experience it with children of any age.   If you have younger children, Small Worlds is absolutely wonderful to visit and older kids will love disappearing into the Whispering Wood or Enchanted Library.


Business Name: The Story Museum

Address: 2 Pembroke Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX1 1BP


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