Car Care Tips | Save Yourself From road troubles later

It is very important to have a check on your vehicle safety before the lockdown is lifted. We all need our cars to do their best no matter if we are leaving for a journey or just going out to get groceries. Now a days especially if you are living in London or nearby areas , it is important that with keeping a check on your car health – you also keep a check on your car’s safety measures so that you do not go through car trouble during lockdown even if you are going 2 streets away from your home to get groceries.

So, what are the most essential safety requirements you need to look at? First of all especially during lockdown, as there is prediction of shortage of everything you need to check if your fuel is filled to a balanced level that you can use it for at least three to four days, if you regularly go out for some important work. A check on your fuel levels is one of the important safety measures you need to follow before starting your engine now a days.

Another necessary tip is to check your tyres for air pressure and its tread depth. A balanced air pressure in the tyres means that they are not overinflated or underinflated. In case you face underinflated tyre pressure, there is a likely chance that you might go through a puncture leaving yourself stranded in the middle of your journey. So, it is always better to keep monitoring the air pressure level in your tyres. After lockdown goes away, you can choose to get new tyres from a reliable place in London. A good recommendation for getting your tyres replaced and fitted is DAT Tyres in London (02089693030).

Lastly, it is important that you check all your indication lights. These include brake lights, indicator lights and engine oil level check lights. In case one of these does not work while you are driving it can be very dangerous for you if you try to fix them while driving. Therefore, if you want to keep your loved ones and yourself safe during this time you need to keep a check on all the measures mentioned above.

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