Earth Trust Centre

the earth trust centre

A trip to the Earth Trust Centre (Little Wittenham, near Abingdon) is well worth a visit, with interesting activities for kids of all ages. There are great family events, walks and courses throughout the year, including lambing weekends, summer picnics and Mother’s Day crafting.  Check out the Red Kite Days What’s On page for listings.

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In the outside gardens, have fun making dens, scrambling on logs and climbing trees.

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A ‘pop up’ Poem Tree cafe opens during the Events, serving tea, coffee and a range of cakes.

Explorer Birthday Party packages are also possible for an outdoor party that is a bit different.  Check out the Earth Trust website for more details.

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Wittenham Clumps are nearby so you can easily combine a trip to the Earth Trust Centre with a run around on the Clumps.


Business Name: Earth Trust

Address: Little Wittenham, Abingdon, OX14 4QZ


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