Flamingo Print Bags

Bright pink flamingos make a striking decoration. Here’s how to create your own flamingo print bag at home using simple materials. I bought blank canvas bags for less than £1 via Ebay so they made great low cost homemade gifts. You could use the same technique to create any pattern or design and could re-use your stamp to decorate other fabric or paper items such as tea towels, T-Shirts or greeting cards.

homemade flamingo print bag

You will need:

  • A4 Craft foam sheet
  • Solid block (e.g. piece of wood or plywood from Cut My Plastic) or very thick cardboard
  • Glue
  • Roller
  • Fabric paint
  • Blank canvas or cotton bag

How to make it:

  • Draw a flamingo shape using a biro on the piece of craft foam.
  • Cut out the flamingo.
  • Glue the flamingo onto a solid block of wood to create the stamp.
  • Put some fabric paint onto a paper plate and use a roller to apply a layer of fabric paint to the flamingo.
  • Press the stamp gently onto the fabric bag and lift up to reveal your flamingo print. It’s a good idea to do some practice stamps first onto paper to adjust how much fabric paint and pressure gives the best result.

how to make a flamingo print bag

  • Repeat the flamingo stamping  to great a cool geometric pattern.

If you’re looking for more flamingo gift ideas, check out the gorgeous flamingo enamel pins, flamingo keyrings and flamingo Christmas decorations from Chameleon & Co.


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