Geomag Glitter Eco Recycled 35 Piece Magnetic Building Set

Geomag Classic is an inventive system of simple construction made of magnetic rods and super stylish Glitter line is dedicated to fans of sparkly colours.

The innovative design of Magicube allows the building cubes to remain attached on all sides. Magicube building cubes are 100% recycled plastic. Geomag Mechanics adds mechanical elements within the constructions, expanding the play possibilities: some parts of the structures are able to rotate, triggering chain reactions from the magnetic attraction and repulsion.

You can also take it with you anywhere you go! As Geomag magnetic construction kit comes with a practical and strong pocket carrying case for the rods and balls, naturally in 100% recycled plastic. It’s a great way to keep all the pieces together and means you can also take them out and about with you.

We already have a few of the products from the Geomag range and each time the children get really excited when we play with them. Having a colourful glitter design meant that these would be even more appealing to explore and play with. Noah immediately felt interested and curious in assembling and disassembling and seeing the effects of magnets. He was able to look for new combinations with the available pieces and the sheet with examples. It is a version that you can obviously expand with other products of the Geomag.

These are great as you are able to explore the world of the magical invisible forces of magnetism with glitter. You can create an unlimited number of structures using the magnetic bars and steel spheres and use the plastic panels to make structures sturdier and stable. These are very good but suited to older children due to the small size of the magnetic balls.

These are a great addition to the Geomag range and we are looking forward to collecting more and expanding our Geomag collection to make bigger and more impressive structures.

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