How To Make A DIY Video Invitation For Your Child’s Birthday

How good it is if your event will be the talk of the town! Isn’t it? No matter whatever the occasion is, your invite must be eye-catchy and draw your guests’ full attention. Especially when it is your child’s birthday, everything should be perfect, from customizing your video invitations to finding attractive decorations and ordering a beautiful cake.

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The to-do list can go on forever, and the entire thing seems like a mammoth task for parents. So, even if you are hosting an extravagant fairy tale birthday party or something that is quite laid back, one thing you must ensure is to use a potent online invitation maker allowing you to make compelling DIY video invitations for your kid’s birthday.

Creating Child’s Birthday Invitations Within Minutes

Do you need to create video invitations to throw a party for your kid’s birthday bash? Find the perfect starting point in this guide, and make captivating video invitations for your kid’s birthday within no time.

Besides adding your photos, texts, video clips, updated color, and fonts, there is much more you can add to your invitations to make them impressive. Listed below is the step by step guide that will help you make stunning DIY video invitations:

Select The Right Tool

Choose an online invitation maker that assists you in making invitations. The best video editors facilitate creating an online invitation by letting you skip the tricky bits and offering you a ton of free invitation templates for birthdays as per your requirements. This helps to reduce the time in creating the invitations.

Choose a Birthday Party Invitation Template

Once you have selected the invitation maker, it will let you access a wide range of birthday party invitation templates. Browse through all the templates until you find the one apt for your child’s birthday party theme.

Some video editor tools also allow you to see a close-up preview of the layout after clicking on the birthday party invitation template thumbnails. This will help you choose an ideal template that goes very well with the birthday party theme.

Choose the Appropriate Photos

Before creating an invitation video for the event, browse the massive collection of your kid’s photos and feature the video with your child’s best photos, along with their friends, parents, and other peer relations.

Customize the Background

Once you upload the apt photos and video clips, personalize the video by changing texts, colors, backgrounds and adding relevant music. It is imperative to customize the template size fitting to your video. For instance, you can re-size the template to make portrait orientation instead of landscape. You can also change the background color from the ‘Background Color’ section and choose the new hue.

Customize the Text

Add texts mentioning all your party details, such as the date, time, and venue, to your invitation. You can double click any textbox to change the text style that allows you to change the text colors, font size, and do much more.

Make Your Birthday Invitation Interesting

Here are some unique ideas to make your child’s video invite and birthday memorable:

1. Birthday Slideshow

Using efficient online invitation makers, put your best foot forward by letting you make a dazzling video invite in minutes. You can do this by creating a dynamic slideshow of your child’s photos and video clips over the years. It will help you tell a story in a charismatic way and enable the guests to connect and feel your emotions through the video.

You can also share the same slideshow during the birthday party on the big screen, adding more cheer.

2. Video Interview

You can ask your friends and family to share the memories with your child. Accumulating all the small clips of your friends and family and featuring them in the video invite will make it look incredible.

3. Birthday Ecard

Your birthday video invite must be short and crisp. To keep your viewers hooked to the video, it is vital to add a heartfelt or funny birthday message, including jokes or meaningful quotes.

Add Graphics

Now, making a jaw-dropping video invitation is not difficult. Adding graphics will help you make an astounding video invite. Customizing your video with animated graphics will help your video stand out of the box.

Add Pictures of Guests of Honour

It is optional. If you plan to call a special guest, you should shower them with the attention they deserve by featuring them in the video invite.

Add a Hint of the Theme

You will let your guests know the event’s purpose in the video invite. The individuals you share the invite with will know that you are about to celebrate your child’s birthday. So, always ensure your video demonstrates the special instructions (If any), like dress code, style (formal or casual), etc.

Close it Out In Style

Attractively end the video by making complete sense of the rest of the story. It will provide your guests with a vast sense of accomplishment. You can also hilariously close your video to make your guests smile.

List of Birthday Party Themes Adored by Kids

See the ecstatic reaction of your kid after hosting and organizing the following themes for your child’s birthday party:

  1. Backyard Camping Party – Organize a party in the backyard by setting up some tents, lighting a fire for the s’mores, and sleeping under the stars.
  2. Cupcake Decorating Party – Let the kids decorate the cupcakes the way they want and enjoy the fun. It is because kids love decorating cupcakes as much as they love to eat them.
  3. Luau Party – A kid-friendly feast, including Hawaiian music, tropical flowers, and bright colors never get out of trend. So, why not organize this type of birthday party for your kid?

Closing Thoughts

Have you got any other ideas to share? You can mention them in the drop-down section below if we have missed out on any.

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