Local Garage Reveals How to Pass Your MOT First Time

Your MOT might be a source of concern to you, especially if you are not sure if your vehicle will pass first time or not. But did you know that there are steps that you can take to make sure your car sails through the MOT test without any issues? Local garages as far apart as beautiful Surrey and urban, thriving London can get you through the test painlessly. Here is how:

Service Time

Combine your MOT test with a service: either the full, annual service – also called a major service – or an interim or six-monthly service. This means that you will hand your vehicle over to the service team first of all, and they will make sure that your car is MOT ready, taking care of all the little things: topping up your screen-wash reservoir or ensuring that the number plate is firmly attached and clearly readable by law enforcement’s ANPR software – and the big things too, calling you to discuss your needs and quote you a fair price in the rare instance any major work is needed before your car will pass its MOT. Only when the car is MOT ready will the servicing team hand your car over to the MOT inspector.

Do What YOU Can

Download a copy of the MOT checklist (and remember to update it every year as new items are added to the list fairly regularly) and work your way through as many of the items as you can. Simple fixes like making sure the car is clean and clutter free; making sure all the lights work and even testing the brakes are quick and easy to do – sometimes with the help of a friend to make it all a little easier. Obviously, some items on the list are not easy for a non-mechanic to try – emissions testing, for example – but you will find that doing as many of these tasks as you can will give you a slight positive advantage when it comes to your MOT test. Another advantage of having the MOT checklist handy is that it will help you to be aware of what condition your car should be in at all times: not just during the test. The MOT test is meant to be a ‘temperature check’ of the normal condition of your car, not a high point!

Budget for the MOT

If you know your car is getting on a bit, and will most likely need some work before going in for its MOT, begin saving towards this expense as soon as you can, even if it is just a few pounds a month – future you will be very glad that you did. If you are travelling somewhere in London and finding it hard to locate a reliable MOT centre, DAT Tyres offers MOT in London to keep your vehicle in perfect condition. You can also call the branch here 02089693030.

Drive With Care

The final piece of advice that local garages offer is the same advice your parents gave you when you were first learning to drive: drive carefully! Looking after your car at all times helps to keep it in great roadworthy condition while you are commuting and going about your business, and this will stand you in good stead when it comes to your MOT too: a carefully looked after car is much more likely to sail through the MOT with no serious faults – and perhaps even with no minor ones too!

Just as you would listen to your doctor when it comes to your health, so too should you listen to your mechanic when it comes to your car. When in doubt, consult the experts!

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