Rainbow Crafts For Kids

Rainbow pictures have been springing up in windows all over the UK since the Coronavirus lock down.  A symbol of hope, diversity and of good things to come, I thought I’d share some great rainbow arts, rainbow crafts and rainbow activities for kids.

Look up to the sky.  You’ll never find rainbows if you’re looking down. Charlie Chaplin rainbow quote.

Rainbow Junk Frame

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What do you do with all the plastic tat that you accumulate from party bags and Christmas crackers? This is a fun rainbow craft and you could even display your rainbow art work in the picture frame too.

Check out how to make a rainbow junk photo frame.

Rainbow Rice

rainbow rice, messy play, what to do with toddlers

Rainbow rice is an easy, colourful and fun activity which babies and toddlers love.  It’s been kindly shared by Nicole who set up the Gurgle & Co Facebook group to share ideas on how to create messy, sensory and stimulating play easily at home.

Get full instructions on how to make rainbow rice.

Rainbow Party Bags

Rainbows are a classic and easy party theme to choose and great to get the birthday child or kids come to the party to decorate a party favour bag.  Find out how to make these super special rainbow party bags.

Rainbow Party Bag step by step instructions

Rainbow Lolly Stick Pen Pot

rainbow kids craft, rainbow Popsicle pen pot

This rainbow kids craft would make a lovely gift to brighten up the desk of anyone working from home during the Coronavirus family lock down. It’s simple to make so makes a good rainbow craft for toddlers or older kids can make on their own.

Get the full instructions for this rainbow lolly stick pot from Hodgepodge Days.

Raindrops and Rainbows kids craft

rainbow crafts kindergarten, rainbow crafts toddlers, rainbow crafts preschool

You can’t have a rainbow without rain and sunshine and this rainbow craft for preschoolers is simple to do and will brighten up a miserable wet day stuck at home.

Learn a little bit more about this project from Monkey and Mouse.

Rainbow Heart Window Display

rainbow window ideas, rainbow hearts

How gorgeous is this wonderful rainbow window display make from lots of tissue paper arts. It was made by these three lovely girls and their Mum who blogs on Twins & Travels.

Simple to make, all you need to do is cut the hearts out of tissue paper and and then stick them on to the window with pritt-stick. It washes off with soap and water.

Rainbow Meringues

unicorn meringue, rainbow meringue, unicorn theme party food

We actually call these unicorn poo meringues in my house but you could call them rainbow meringues too. They’re really fun to make and my kids love piping the meringues.  If you don’t have a bit piping bag you can always use a sandwich bag and snip off a corner.

How to make rainbow meringues

Easy paper plate rainbow craft

rainbow paper plate craft, paper plate crafts for kids

You can buy big bags of multi coloured ready made pom poms from crafts stores and they’re great for all kinds of activities.  I love a paper plate craft and this paper plate rainbow is a fab way to learn about grouping colours and create something wonderful.

Check out how to make this paper plate rainbow from The Gingerbread House.

Free Rainbow Colouring Pages

rainbow coloring pages, rainbow colouring pages, rainbow coloring printable, free rainbow printable

If you want to keep it simple and just have a template to colour in, there’s a great free rainbow coloring page on The Gingerbread House blog that you can download.

Roll A Rainbow Playdough Mat Game

rainbow playdough game, rainbow game toddlers, rainbow game kindergarten

This Roll a Rainbow playdough game is perfect for a simple spring activity, for St Patrick’s Day and of course for teaching colours and number recognition. And it’s totally free for you to print off as many copies as you’d like, what’s not to love!

Download the template for free from Crafts On Sea and here’s an easy play dough recipe if you want to make your own.

Painting Rainbows with Cork for Preschoolers

rainbow printable preschool, rainbow cork painting

This preschool craft uses a wine cork and is super fun, quick and easy for young children to paint. It’s also a good excuse to open a bottle of wine the night before!

Find full instructions and download the free rainbow printable from The Inspiration Edit.

Homemade Sparkly Rainbow Sugar Sprinkles

how to make sugar sprinkles, rainbow sugar sprinkles, rainbow recipes

Are you looking to make a rainbow cake with a difference?  Sugar sprinkles are perfect for decorating baking but the cost can add up if you want to buy lots of colours.  You only need sugar and food colouring and you can then store them in empty jam jars.

Check out how to make your own homemade sugar sprinkles.

Rainbow Sticks

rainbow kids craft

Wonderfully simple and unique, I absolutely love this rainbow decoration made by Peak District Kids. Jenny and her boys made their rainbow by shaving sticks with a potato peeler and then painting them.

Magic Rainbow Sun Catcher

rainbow suncatcher

As well as looking great, this rainbow suncatcher craft for kids is great opportunity to exercise a wide range of motor skills (such as scissor skills, hand strength, mark making and hand-eye coordination).

Find the full instructions to make this rainbow suncatcher.

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