St Mary’s Fields Circular Walk, Kidlington

The small circular walk around St Mary’s fields has long been a favourite in my family.  It’s not very long so perfect for little legs that are toddling.  You can easily turn this walk into a  mini adventure for young kids.  Look under stones for bugs, find an interesting stick or collect different leaves in autumn.

st marys fields, walks, kidlington, kids

The circular walk is accessed from the car park behind St Mary’s Church.  Enter through one of the gates on either side of the car park,  walk the path and you’ll exit by the other gate.

The walk is not paved but in dry weather it’s easy enough to get a buggy around it.  However, I wouldn’t recommend (from experience) to go when it’s a big muddy if you have a pushchair.

For bigger kids, you can easily extend the walk to the many paths around the area.  You  might even come across roe deer or the occasional muntjac.  There have also been sighting of a fox, badger and grey squirrels are common.  In the autumn, keep a look out for blackberries which make a tasty forged snack.

st marys field gate second entrance st marys fields circular walk st marys fields, walks, kidlington, kids


Business Name: St Mary's Fields Circular Walk

Address: St Mary's Church car park, Church Street, Kidlington, OX5 2AZ

Opening Times:

Always open but no street lighting on the walk

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