There’s a Monster in Your Show Review

Touring the UK, Tom Fletcher’s popular books leap to life on stage in There’s a Monster in Your Show.  We were kindly invited to visit during the Easter holidays at the Corn Exchange in Newbury which is a great venue for quality children’s theatre shows.

Right from the start this wonderful production brings upbeat, lively entertainment that connects and engages with a younger audience.

The show kicks off with lively music and a dash of comedy and capers woven through. A group of performers are getting ready to put on a show when they discover that that Monster is missing from the book.

There are little hints of the monster appearing to start with all the kids getting so excited when they spot a hand or a foot and and of course the excitement when he does arrive.

Desperate to get the the monster back into his book, everything starts to go a little wrong.

Monster is soon joined by Dragon who is adorable, but watch out as every time he sneezes a little smoke appears from his nose.

The music is great and all the kids were joining in actions, clapping, wiggling fingers and waving around the arms making it interactive, no need to worry about fidgety bottoms in seats.

The puppets are fantastic, we loved that the Alien arrives by space ship, the Monster’s eyes blink, Dragon sets the set on fire and Unicorn has light up hooves!

A fantastically upbeat, fun theatre show!

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