Windsor Soft Play at Woody’s Cafe

Windsor Soft Play is located inside Woody’s Cafe based at Clewer Memorial Recreation Ground aka The Pirate Park in Dedworth. The soft play is for children aged 5 years and under and is set on three levels, there is also a separate dedicated area for the under 2’s.

The lower floor had various soft play shapes which they could climb on and make towers from. Then they are various ways up onto the next floor – will you choose the rainbow stairs or maybe be adventurers and try to haul yourself up the ramps instead. Noah and Isabella had great fun racing to the top (both choosing opposite ways to achieve this) .

On the top floor there are large balls which the children can bounce, climb on, or throw in the air. This is also where they can access the double slide, lots of fun was had on here – I lost count of how many times they went up and down on here.

There are also soft play rollers to climb and crawl through, Noah ran at full speed towards these and hurled himself throwing them. Isabella was more delicate and decided to crawl under them instead. There was also cargo net flooring for them to climb over to gain access to the next floor or if they were brave then they can climb higher up the side of the soft play frame.

The softplay frame itself was a perfect size, both children could run around it very comfortably and at all times I could easily see where they were. If needed be (and I tested it out) adults can also climb their way through the structure aswell. Although I had to be on hands and knees it was doable.

Around the room there are tables and chairs so you can sit and watch your children play safely, and a separate toilet too. You are able to purchase food and drink from the cafe itself and consume inside the soft play room. The cafe sells a range of food and drink including hot and cold refreshments and ice creams.

Although not overly big it was a great little soft play, and was the ideal size for my toddlers. We enjoyed our hour session in here and then headed outside to the park.

Please note – that if you are planning to visit the softplay then you are not allowed to use the sandpit park beforehand. This is to ensure that the softplay area stays clean and no sand is brought into it. We headed to the park after our softplay session.

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Business Name: Windsor Soft Play

Address: Woody's Cafe Clewer, Memorial Park, Windsor, berkshire, SL4 5AY


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