Rock Stars Kids Climbing Course at Oxford Brookes (Sundays)

There are several climbing courses available for kids at Oxford Brookes climbing centre.  For more information about the centre, click here.

Rock Stars Kids Club (NICAS accredited)

Sundays: 7-9yrs (9.30-11am). 9-10yrs (11am-12.30pm) 11-12yrs (1.00-2.30pm) and 13-14yrs 2.30-4pm 14-17yrs 4.00-5.30pm).

The NICAS course follows a five level system teaching basic climbing through to lead climbing. The log can be used as evidence for DofE, GCSE and A-Level PE. The course runs over 6 week during the school term.

For more information and booking. check out the Brookes website


Business Name: Oxford Brookes Climbing Centre

Address: Headington Campus, OX3 0GB

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